Medina House and Baths

Medina House and former Turkish Baths
Conservation Management Plan including extensive historical research, analysis of the values and significance of the asset, options appraisal and provisional policy items.
Project ongoing

My Conservation Management Plan for Medina Bath House has informed local amenity Societies, Planning Committee and residents of the significance and potential of this building. The following headings give the background to the project and where we are now.

The planning appeal for demolition and construction of a 9 storey tower has been DISMISSED – 8. Nov 2011

Planning and Site History:
Medina Bath House is in a Conservation Area in prominent location on the seafront promenade in Central Hove; a desirable and architecturally interesting area. The building is structurally sound and is interesting aesthetically and architectural although in a state of considerable disrepair.
Medina House has been derelict since before 2000 and numerous planning applications for development have been submitted over a long period of time. Numerous planning applications for demolition and the most recent (Nov 2011) application for development of a 9 storey tower with ground floor restaurant, apartments on each floor with underground car parking  have all been refused.

The Significance of Medina House:
Medina House is the remaining portion of Medina Baths (formerly Hove Bath and Laundry Company) designed by architect PB Chambers in 1893-4. The most significant element is the the superb faience scheme (photo above) which decorates from floor to ceiling height 3 elevations with large portions in good condition dispite having been open to the elements and salty sea air for the last 10 years.
The tile scheme is highly significant as this element is perhaps one of very few examples of surviving evidence relating to Brighton and Hove’s local and national significance as a centre for the reputed health benefits of salt water bathing.

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