The rain of New York

I was brought up abroad (Hong Kong and Singapore) so I know I have seen a fair few storms. I remember sitting in the warm rain on our balcony as a small child, playing our own invented game ‘water machines’, like others perhaps did in the bath. But I am still compelled to post this video of … Continue reading

More Manhattan gems

I was on a specific mission today; I hiked across Manhattan today seeking out buildings Boston Valley Terra Cotta have restored: Uptown: Grand Central Station Oyster Bar, Alwyn Court and  and Carnegie Hall Downtown: 90 West St, 55 Liberty I was hit by some stunning terracotta today, Alwyn Court has an entirely moulded fascade and is deep in … Continue reading

Walking the Grid

It is the 200th anniversary of the Commissioners’ Map and Survey of Manhattan Island and the organisation of NYC into the grid system, with east to west as streets and north to south as avenues. Interestingly Broadway was an old trade route and as it would have been too disruptive to move it, it remained the only diagonal road. … Continue reading

Tenements to Apartments

These are my images of the Frank Gehry tower. It is spectacular and notably sits opposite the Woolworth Building. The marketing for the building has some powerful images and phrases. Again, here is the promotional website. The video, with the sound turned up loud in my headphones in a busy coffee shop, it made my … Continue reading

C21 Architecture in NYC

Today I’ve been exploring modern architecture and seeking out recent applications of terracotta in the City. A good excuse to walk The High Line, which is a disued railway line that some artists have landscaped and planted to make a walk over the streets and through the buildings in the Meatpacking District towards Chelsea. I … Continue reading

An inspired mixture

I embarked on Susan Tunick’s 2nd terracotta tour today. Interesting residential and commercial mix and some very early terracotta, combined with some jazzy 20s and Deco design, made for a varied display of uses of the material. Until about midday, when it started raining, with a coffee pause and a new umbrella I persevered. But … Continue reading

Greenwich Village Terracotta Tour

Continuing on my stroll of the Village, as guided by Susan Tunick‘s  ‘Don’t Take it for Granite’: 376-80 Lafayette Street (6 storey warehouse) 1888-89 Henry J Hardenbergh New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company Made of terracotta, brick,  sandstone and cast iron and using a variety of colours and materials creates a lively sculptural surface. Including these … Continue reading

Louis Sullivan in New York City

Day 1, I went straight out on the first of Susan Tunick’s fabulous Terra Cotta walking tours, dispite having allocated myself a rest day, I couldn’t help but get out and start what I’m here to do. My first major sight is the explosion of terracotta that is the Bayard-Condict, 65 Bleeker Street. From the … Continue reading