a little homage to Louis Sullivan

The buzz of Jazz in the Millenium Park… extreme window cleaners… on the 41st floor of Randolph Tower scaffold… Oakland’s glistening glazes… my so sore foot… the legend that is Tim Samuelson… eerie Buffalo and its majestic grain elevators… heady Broadway terracotta and neon… gloss gleaming terracotta across San Francisco… Susan Tunick… my sturdy red … Continue reading

Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is one of only 2 major manufacturers of architectural terra cotta remaining in the USA. Despite its more recent entry into the market, Boston Valley has proven it is a company not to be underestimated. Boston Valley Terra Cotta was established by the Krouse family in 1981 following the purchase of … Continue reading

Hubbard’s Roycroft Campus and the Arts & Crafts Movement

My foray into East Auroa, out of Buffalo, nearly ended with an unfortunate $70 dollar taxi ride home, or an unexpected overnight stay in the little town (or bar!) due to no returning buses! But the delights of the arts and craft movement did not dissapoint in my all to brief visit. Robb Mair, of … Continue reading

Buffalo’s majestic grain elevators

Buffalo grew to become a large, affluent city due to its location as a gateway between the east and the west. The first elevators were invented in Buffalo by a merchant named Joseph Dart, to move and store grain. The steam powered elevator was put into use in 1843. At their height there were 50 … Continue reading

The City of Light

Buffalo became such a prominent city due to its location on Lake Eerie. Everything transported from East to West on the water went through Buffalo including an estimated 75% of the population at one point in time! Buffalo enjoyed increasing commerce and in 1843 the first grain elevators were built and, in the 1840s and … Continue reading

Arrival in Buffalo, NY

I just arrived in Buffalo, NY. I’m excited to get out of the hum of the New York City and see somewhere new. I’m also very excited by the amount of architectural and historical landmarks, or ‘cultural jewels’ there are here in Buffalo. But the city is so quiet! I’ve arrived on Sunday, in the … Continue reading