Nash’s wonders

In researching the conservation of the iron structure that supports the Brighton Royal Pavilion I have found a new appreciation and enjoyment of this unique building. Nash’s innovation in design have given us a playful and spectacular building that is also technically flawed. The hidden cast iron structure leaked from almost as soon as it … Continue reading

Stone focus: Journey to the top of Paris

I enjoyed spending two days exploring Paris recently and was of course stunned by the grandeur of the architecture. In contrast to London nearly all of the buildings are impressive and historic, making London seem vibrant and perhaps confusing in comparison. I found myself stuyding the stone particularly as it is, in its glory, everywhere! We went … Continue reading

Sample of the magnificent V&A

I wandered round the Galleries not paying too close attention to which exhibits I travelled through but heading upwards to the Ceramics Gallery on the 6th floor. Snippets along the way included an ancient 14th century staircase next to this wall of heads… which made me chuckle! Visitors are fed along a curved walled passageway with exposed … Continue reading