No more Neglect – Medina Baths

A petition has been launched this week to gain support for the Council to put together a Planning Brief to protect the special character and period features of Medina Bath House. The intention is to protect the building from potential demolition and construction of a taller proposed development on the sit. As you can read from … Continue reading

Brighton and Hove enforce maintenance

Brighton & Hove have served a Section 215 enforcement notice on the historic Medina Bath House on Hove’s seafront. The owners have six months from 1 November to: wash down and repaint the southern and western elevations; remove the breeze blocks from the window openings reinstate windows and glazing; repair and make good all the … Continue reading

The promise of a tomorrow for Medina Bath House

In light of this weeks dismissal of plans to demolish Medina Bath House, let’s enjoy Medina Bath House and its delightful history and place on Hove seafront: Nestled in between rows of crouched cottages, the scale and decoration of Medina Bath House stands proud and confident, unabashed by its pebbledash exterior and additions of thoughtful graffiti. … Continue reading

‘An eyesore building will not be left to rot’

Medina baths hit the wider Brighton again press this week: “An eyesore building will not be left to rot, according to city planners” An interesting and quite thorough perspective presented by Neil Vowles on 29th January 2011 in The Argus. What is next for this fascinating little building?…. Am I odd in not finding it … Continue reading

Building Opinions – Medina Bath House

Latest Homes features my research and photography in an insight into the importance and interest of Medina House this week. Available now throughout Brighton & Hove and online. The spectacular tiling scheme of Medina House, 1894, decorated both the male and female bathing area of Hove Bath and Laundry Company (see photographs below – the surviving … Continue reading