A bit off subject, I wanted to share with you another interest I have which has become a bit of a project… I’ve been researching old Former Yugoslavian monumnets. Many of them are epic sculptural monuments and memorials and because the Communist cause has long ago dissipated they have been left as ruinous statements of a lost day, their … Continue reading

Beautiful Brutalism in Sacramento

My creative self has been tapped into this month as I moved, finally, into a newly evolving workshop space. I’ve been ‘in storage’ for several months while travelling and working on academic projects. It is interesting how the realisation of this space and access to my workshop, tools and clay once again has gradually unleashed … Continue reading

Buffalo’s majestic grain elevators

Buffalo grew to become a large, affluent city due to its location as a gateway between the east and the west. The first elevators were invented in Buffalo by a merchant named Joseph Dart, to move and store grain. The steam powered elevator was put into use in 1843. At their height there were 50 … Continue reading

Concrete windows, doors and everything inbetween

I only a short time to whizz around the Mercer Museum before my bus left Doylestown, but I am glad I paid the enty to see the interior of the building. Having built his house or castle and his tile factory (explored previously) with concrete mixed by hand, by the time he came to build … Continue reading