Medina House at Risk

Please be aware that Planning Application BH2013/0341 has been registered for Medina House  for demolition and development and 8 storey residential building including basement parking.

One would think it will be easily dismissed by the Council as the proposals completely disregard the recommendations in the recently compiled Planning Brief.If you wish to comment do so before 14th November to the address below.

The proposed development would require the demolition of the historic building of significance, which despite 20 years of neglect is in reasonably good condition. Medina House, formerly Medina Baths is the last above ground evidence of Brighton and Hove’s provenance of salt water bathing, for perceived medicinal effects. The Doulton faience scheme is extensive and in reasonable condition in parts, although partially removed. The tiling used to form the walls of the men’s swimming pool and is now open to the elements and occasionally visible between hoarding.

Although slightly smaller than previous proposals, there will still remain with this development the issues of loss of light, loss of amenity, overbearing, feeling of enclosure, and the fact that the building will be out of scale with immediately adjoining buildings.

Please make your opinions heard by making comment, as below and please circulate.
All objections MUST be in by 14th November 2013

Planning Application BH2013/03410

Write to:
Development Control
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road
Hove BN3 3BQ
Attention:  Anthony Foster
Head the letter: Medina House, 9 Kings Esplanade, Hove – Application No. BH2013/03410 – OBJECTION
Head your email: Medina House, 9 Kings Esplanade, Hove – Application No. BH2013/03410 – OBJECTION
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Medina House

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