f:LUX Surface in the round

Experimentation with translucent porcelain using large bowl moulds led to these luscious pendant shades.

The vibrant quirky setting of Bar None is chilled in a sheek, calming ambiance as the dimmer is turned up on this line of shades which are suspended delicately above the bar.

Bar None is fully licenced independent bar (stocked with the tasty Dark Star’s Sunburst beer!) that hosts everything from jazz nights, to a regular mini-cine night with yoga, kids creative workshops and life drawing inbetween.

It has been wonderful to be commissioned to make these pendant shades for a private venue; not only because they are enjoyed regularly in the space by weekly punters, but also as the ever resourceful owner also took the time to carefully install them with me, eventually settling for these lovely sort of bobbing heights.

Visit f:LUX Surface shop here. Supplied individually or as a group with gorgeous chrome fittings, exuberant chrome bulbs and cable drop that work perfectly with the simple unassuming, undulating porcelain surfaces.


I’m looking forward to playing with the surface more by carving into the clay with simple line designs… and perhaps encouraging the natural warping of delicate porcelain in the firings, which I think may contrast nicely against my more graphic designs.

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