Introducing f:LUX : Beautifully translucent porcelain light panels that are back-lit with delicate designs carved into the clay to glow creating a gentle ambient light in the room.

Ebbing and flowing lines form the Rivulet series. Organic curves and more geometric compositions are carved into the porcelain clay creating designs fitting with my stylised aesthetic. Each panel is either stand alone or can be mounted in series, in a choice of mounts – either with solid wood paneling, in a contrasting clay ‘frame’ (red brick clay or black clay), or simply mounted ‘raw’ as a laminate using stainless steel pins.

As well as making a striking statement of brand for companies and other corporate environments, f:LUX panels are perfect for homes and interior projects – as splash backs decorative fire place features, low level corridor/ hallway lighting as well as simple unique decorative art pieces.

My website shop is coming soon. Please visit and ‘like’ f:LUX Facebook page to receive updates.

In other news meet Dexter the studio dog! Dexter is a little Westie puppy; he has nice and dusty feet and loves a nap next to the radiator.

dex studio

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