Notes from the workbench

I’m thinking about translucency. Working with porcelain allows me to give a more delicate and even finer feel to my compositional curve sketches. I’m thinking about repetition as well and how I can achieve a look of ebb and flow and of asymmetry in a repeating pattern.

Moving from 2-dimensions and working in delicate relief to 3-dimensions and forms to suspend and hang; I am working with fragility (literally and figuratively!) and whether I want to convey an ephemeral feel in this seductive material or whether a substantial more solid aesthetic can convey a more powerful impact.  I’m looking forward to using a sand blaster to realise some new ideas next week. Have a look at my translucency sketchbook on Pinterest.

I am working on the surface of these forms as there is no texture in the moulds. Although challenging I am enjoying transferring my aesthetic into a new medium and using new techniques. As development in clay continues I am progressing with new ideas and ways of lighting the designs too…

Porcelain is a seductive, pure and beautiful clay, but is also very demanding and unforgiving and quick to change properties as moisture leaves the clay. My fingers are learning to be more speedy and sensitive.

I think of porcelain as the princess of the clay world, and I am checking to make sure there are no peas anywhere to be found!

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