As the academic year rolls in with the leaves…

As the academic year rolls in, for some, I’m starting my ‘new year’ with some investment in myself…

Alongside some yoga to un-crick my poor back, I’m settling into doing more drawing. I’ve dusted off my drawing board for life drawing classes with Karin Hay-White alongside doing the odd bit of Urban Sketching.
…I’m struck by the small boats in the whistling in-and-out tide on the river nearby, so perhaps some river craft studies will emerge in due course. Sorry, no pictures yet!…

So it seems studies are all but over; as the world of terracotta seems perhaps more enticing than before.

On an academic note:

  • Following on from my research as a Winston Churchill Fellow, I’ve been published in Tile & Architectural Ceramics Journal this week. Look out for GE. 70 on the website if you are interested in purchasing a copy. The article outlines the history of architectural terracotta in the USA.
  • I believe there are still spaces left on the Terracotta course I am lecturing at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum on Monday 1st October. See this link for more details and to book.


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