No more Neglect – Medina Baths

A petition has been launched this week to gain support for the Council to put together a Planning Brief to protect the special character and period features of Medina Bath House. The intention is to protect the building from potential demolition and construction of a taller proposed development on the sit. As you can read from previous updates and press articles, the current owner has presented proposals that are both out of scale and character for the site, and all require demolition of this special historic little building.

Medina Baths, formerly Hove Bath & Laundry Co, est. 1893 is perhaps the only remaining architectural evidence of Brighton & Hove’s proveneance of the prescribed medicinal benefits of salt water bathing. Medina Baths (originally a much larger building, extending across the other side of Sussex Road where Bath Court now stands) pumped water directly from sea. Turkish Baths, all the rage at the time, used clever steam circulation systems and plunge pools offering the benefits of bathing to local people. The building’s more recent history includes diamond workshops and an artists squatter group who exhibited and hosted events in the grounds.

Medina House has stood empty and without routine maintenance for 14 years now, with a string of squatters and worsening condition. Despite these years of neglect the building remains in relatively good condition and the character of the Turkish Baths shines through.

Are local to Brighton? Do you have a love of architecture and feel the interesting heritage of our city is important, and worth saving for future generations….. Or perhaps you simply feel that good buildings should not be torn down and replaced by developers seeking a better return? Please help by registering that Brighton & Hove City Council produce a simple Planning Brief for Medina Baths.

PLEASE click on the link to sign (you will need to log in to the BHCC website):

Signatures can only be gathered until 25th July, alongside a paper petition with local support from residents, both are to be compiled and presented to the Planning Comittee on 8th August.

Thanks for your support, click on the Medina House in the cloud to the right to see previous news over the last 2 years and my research report detailing the social and historical significance of Medina Baths.

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