A bit off subject, I wanted to share with you another interest I have which has become a bit of a project… I’ve been researching old Former Yugoslavian monumnets. Many of them are epic sculptural monuments and memorials and because the Communist cause has long ago dissipated they have been left as ruinous statements of a lost day, their symbolism as forgotten as they are. Their sculptural and often concrete monumental futuristic style proclaims a future that has already become a past.

I have been interested for some time in how objects decay, how they deteriorate, how time becomes visible and how nature claims material back, indeed this was what first sparked my interest in conservation and the process of unraveling a buildings past. The decaying of these monuments combined with its symbolic meaning makes them even more interesting.

My brother started researching their locations and a road trip plan has emerged! We have a little google map placing all of the sites we are interested in. This is a growing map and is open to additions. Have a look and see if you might add any or indeed decide to visit one.

Here are a few more sites of people who have explored some of the monuments. The first link I thought was particularly beautiful.

Timothy Allen – Forget Your Past

Bohemian Blog – Urban Exploration/ Soviet Propaganda

Foto8 – Spomenik

I’m looking forward to a rugged road trip, discovering these bizarre beasts and resting a while to draw them in their landscapes…

3 Responses to “Spomenik”
  1. Thanks for the map… I’m in Nis today, and will be heading to some other Spomenik thanks to you. PS, my name is Nate, I blog over at yomadic.com, and I’m a friend of Darmon @ The Bohemian Blog.

  2. Aku J says:


    We are also planning on road trip to see these old monuments. We are heading there in the end of July. I came across this site through searching for this subject on Internet and I got to thank you for the map you have made. It helps so much on placing the most interesting Spomeniks. We’ll make additions to the map if we find any interesting places.


  3. savehove says:

    Oh Amy! That pair of wings has PRESENCE! What a piece…. Bat out of hell. Allsorts.

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