Architectural Terracotta: An Exploration of Transatlantic Opportunity

I’m pleased to share the findings of my 2011 Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship!

Click on the title here to download:

Architectural Terracotta: An Exploration of Transatlantic Opportunity

I spent 2 months in the USA studying architectural terracotta, historical and contemporary uses in comparison with the UK. Please follow this link to read an online copy of my Report.

The report details my findings and experiences in meeting the manufacturers and professionals working with terracotta in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Including a case study of the largest terracotta replacement on site at the moment in Chicago and details of site visits and major historic buildings.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me, I’ d love to know what you think. I’m looking forward to completing my dissertation for my Masters in Historic Environment Conservation which further examines the terracotta industry today. If you’re interested to receive a copy please send me a message.

Huge thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for this incredible opportunity.

One Response to “Architectural Terracotta: An Exploration of Transatlantic Opportunity”
  1. anne says:

    Congratulations! Its a great feeling when its handed in! Id love to find out more, and good luck with your future studies. Anne 🙂

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