The rain of New York

I was brought up abroad (Hong Kong and Singapore) so I know I have seen a fair few storms. I remember sitting in the warm rain on our balcony as a small child, playing our own invented game ‘water machines’, like others perhaps did in the bath.

But I am still compelled to post this video of New York in the rain… lest my memory ever fades as to quite how much water fell from the sky and in case I ever consider uttering a complaint of soggy shoes again!

It wasn’t a burst or a downpour. It didn’t last a day or even the day and a night. It rained and it rained and when it stopped (I did actually loose count as to how many days of rain we had) I switched to my drier trainers and it rained some more. Rain; I don’t think is even the correct term for the buckets that came down on us that week in August….and again in Sept…
and, well condolences to you New Yorkers, its not a bad offset for living in New York City.

Here’s my post from a terracotta perspective on the day I shot this video.

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