Travel: by train and toe


I’ve just boarded a double decker super shiny silver train to travel west of Chicago for a couple of meetings. This alone is pretty exciting. The upper deck has single rows of seating, even the luggage racks are amusing, ladder like racks hung over the galleys above the first floor layer of passengers. I of course headed straight for the top deck.


It seems a shame our limited tunnel gauge means we will never progress to this elevated mode of train travel in the UK. Having said that, we are currently stationary waiting for an east bound train to pass before we can proceed on the single line track. So some things I would not swap!

This is my first day out since I have started taking antibiotics for an angry looking blister on the ball of my foot, after an interesting exchange between my insurers and the clinic yesterday. But I am feeling much better, and hope a day on my feet does not deter the positive healing progress.

Since having to slow down I purchased the Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, as recommended by preservation architect Gunny Harbor, with a glint in his eye. The story is a non fiction, which you easily forget, as the tales of Daniel Burnham and a murderer are intertwined in gripping, adventuresome and quite gruesome detail. This has helped satisfy my thirst for Chicago, while I have my foot in the air with ice!

I have found it frustrating beyond words not to be able to be out on my feet every day in Chicago. But, happily the time at my desktop is paying off to a degree as I have made contact with some interesting professionals and have some great meetings promised. I still have 5 days to rince this city of its terracotta sights. And something tells me I shall return…

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