Concrete windows, doors and everything inbetween

I only a short time to whizz around the Mercer Museum before my bus left Doylestown, but I am glad I paid the enty to see the interior of the building.

Having built his house or castle and his tile factory (explored previously) with concrete mixed by hand, by the time he came to build the Museum, he decided to use some machinary to help mix the concrete. The difference is noticable in the consitency of the concrete and also in the regularity of the forms.

Henry Mercer’s  collection includes all kinds of tools and artefacts describing American pre-industrial life from horse drawn fire trucks to weaving looms to metal workers fine tools. They are displayed hung from the immense internal gallery and in alcoves built into the walls, you can peer into a leather workers workshop.

As I did not have enough time to  fully explore the exhibits I involved myself with the interesting internal spaces instead… curious different sized windows and stairs leading who knows where.

One Response to “Concrete windows, doors and everything inbetween”
  1. anne murray says:

    Hi amy, this is anamazing place! Some of the interior reminds me of Glasgow school of art mackintosh building. Keep the photos coming. I wish blogs had been around when I did my fellowship. Annex

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