Arrival in Buffalo, NY

I just arrived in Buffalo, NY. I’m excited to get out of the hum of the New York City and see somewhere new. I’m also very excited by the amount of architectural and historical landmarks, or ‘cultural jewels’ there are here in Buffalo.

But the city is so quiet! I’ve arrived on Sunday, in the rain, which I thought might explain the deserted streets. But the girls I’ve met who have been here a few days, say it has been like this the whole town.











The slightly eerie thing is the tram station stops that play music. The first one I came to, and worked out that was where the music was coming from. I thought ‘that’s nice, stimulating and relaxing while you wait’. But as I’m walking down the street and approaching the next station, in the quiet main street night, I found it decidedly spooky. Classical music drifts out on tannoy speakers into the quiet night.

But tomorrow brings new sights. This is what I have outlines to see:

  • Guaranty Building
  • City Hall
  • Underground Railroad Stop
  • Utica St Subway
  • Frank Lloyd Wright – Martin House, Graycliff, Fontana Boathouse
  • Lafayette Hotel
  • Albright Knox Art gallery
  • Delaware Park – Olmsted design
  • Burchfiled Penny Art centre
  • Roycroft Campus
And that’s just to start with. You get an impression of the big names that have had an impact here, and that list doesn’t touch on the political landmarks. I am also going to connect with the Margaret Wendt Foundation who might be able to suggest some people for me to meet and I’m interested in the PUSH (People United for Sustainable Housing) Buffalo Project.

So up early to get started!…

3 Responses to “Arrival in Buffalo, NY”
  1. Robb says:

    Yes Buffalo is a far cry from the cities of Europe as to life on the streets. Having just come back from Barcelona the difference is huge. Ck out Elmwood Ave or Chippewa St in the evening. It will take a while before the Main St comes back. The new loft apartments etc in teh downtown area are already making it more livable.

  2. Aaron Flow says:

    The Downtown areas has been like that for a while but over the past few years has experienced amazing growth. Go check out the waterfront near HSBC arena, they have done a ton there. Lots of rebuilding has taken place and theres new businesses opening up every month now. This is a great city to invest in right now because everything is cheap. Its been an exciting year.

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment. I’m totally impressed by the historical essence of Buffalo (and its secretly nice to be somewhere quieter than NYC!) I went down to the waterfront area which is lovely. All of the tours seem to be in the morning, so I am limited to how many I can do, but I look forward to exploring some more.

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