More Manhattan gems

I was on a specific mission today; I hiked across Manhattan today seeking out buildings Boston Valley Terra Cotta have restored:

Uptown: Grand Central Station Oyster Bar, Alwyn Court and  and Carnegie Hall
Downtown: 90 West St, 55 Liberty

I was hit by some stunning terracotta today, Alwyn Court has an entirely moulded fascade and is deep in terracotta. Binoculars are neccessary to view the unusual glazed terracotta and creatures at high level that embellish 200 West St. For now I’ll just include some images as I’m meeting BVTC in a few days, and will no doubt learn more then.

Alwyn Court:


Carnegie Hall:

The Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station:

(Gustavino tiles)

90 West St:
(check out the sorrowful winged beasts peering down!)

55 Liberty:
The works here were current. The terracotta for replacement had been removed and there was protective sheeting in its place. I thought I could see where some blocks had been replaces, but it seemed there were other phases of replacement visible too with various tones of block work.

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