Tenements to Apartments

These are my images of the Frank Gehry tower.

It is spectacular and notably sits opposite the Woolworth Building. The marketing for the building has some powerful images and phrases. Again, here is the promotional website. The video, with the sound turned up loud in my headphones in a busy coffee shop, it made my heat beat faster!

From luxury to poverty, I also visited the Tenement Museum in Lower East Side, this excellent organisation now owns a block of tenements, tours of which raise awareness of the USA’s history of immigration and acceptance of foreign cultures. The tours tell the stories of some of the 7,000 immigrants who started their lives in the USA in this block in 97 Orchard Street from 1863.

One of the things I learned is that tenement, by definition, just means multi-family dwelling. However with the association of tenements being low grade housing for the poor, the word apartment was chosen to describe similar buildings to try and make them more desirable and acceptable for the more wealthy and aspirational tenants. Interesting use of the apart in apartment!

I have been planning some of the sites I want to visit while in New York. On a Google Map, these are the Boston Valley Restoration projects I hope to visit before I go and see Boston Valley Terra Cotta. It has helped to cluster them on a map, but with quite a spread it does not help me work out how to schedule fitting them all in! With a few days in NYC left I am trying to schedule my time finely, so I do everything I set out to.

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