Travel Planning

So far… these are the people and companies I have arranged to visit(ed) and talk to:

In UK: Hathern Terra Cotta, Shaws Terra Cotta, Conran Architects, Eric Parry Architects.
In New York: Yves Deflandre, Susan Tunick, Skyscaper Museum, Boston Valley Terra Cotta.
In Chicago: Chicago Architecture Tours, Mary Brush, Holabird & Root, Gunny Harboe, Harboe Architects.
In San Franciso Bay Area, Sarcramento: Gladding McBean, Ruth Todd, Page & Turnbull, Riley Doty, Doty Tile – Tour of Oakland

Again they are placed on the map if you’d like to have a look. Obviously the main sites I’ll be visiting are buildings so some of these are marked too.

I have time spare so I can fill in appointments and go off plan if neccessary. I hope the

journey will evolves as I go.

Please share this if you know someone who would like to be involved.

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