Travel plan, so far…

I’ve been finalising the outline of my 8 weeks of travel and research starting in the beginning of August.

I’m studying architectural terracotta in the US and how its uses and developments have changed compared with the UK.

I’m looking at terracotta historically, how it is applied in conservation and also how it is used today alongside contemporary materials, designs and standards.

I have started my research in this country talking with architects and designers and meeting the major manufacturers of architectural terracotta.

I fly to New York in August and travel from there to Chicago, Sacramento and San Francisco. My major stops are pinned onto the map with the pins designating the following types of visits:

red pins = manufacturers,
blue pins = companies
green pins = other organisations
yellow pins = independent makers

Click on this link to view my map and see more details of my travel partners.

If you would like to have an input into my travels, have an opinion on design, specify terracotta, or would like to recommend someone I should visit in the States, I’d be very happy to talk with you. Please email me.

I’ll be posting news from the road as I travel. Save this blog or subscribe from the menu on the right to follow me on my travels, explore my studies as I go and interact with me. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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