This week in the Studio

I’m getting my hands dusty with clay and plaster this week. I forget how much I love the stuff! I’ve got a couple of projects that have been lining up so it has felt good to get them moving… and hopefully get them out the door and on with the next!

I’m carving lettering for a house sign. The house sits on a large plot, so I’m making two plaques; one of the main driveway and one for the alternative gated entrance.

This sign is replacing a paining that the daughter made when she was at school, Penny has celebrated her 40th birthday recently I have hopes this sign stands to be well loved over its long life. Its great to put work into the environment that will become everyday in a beautiful little village to be enjoyed by its owners.

I’ve also been researching murals today as there’s promise of a garden project I’m hoping to get involved with in the spring this year. The fabulous Lynn Pearson‘s book ‘The Field Guide to Post War Murals’ promises to be a good place to start. I’ll let you know how this develops. I plan to make connecting three-dimensional tiles and sculptural elements for the wall, and perhaps include collected tiles and found objects too.

In that vein I’m submitting ideas for a couple of large wall pieces for developments in Brighton, get those creative juices flowing!…

In the meantime I’m building a new website to illustrate the Conservation projects I’m involved with. I’m drafting the copy at the moment. I’m finding this a useful exercise to reflect on projects over the last year and I look forward to launching the new site when it’s finished… watch this space!

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