Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowsip

I’ve been shortlisted for the Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship! Have a look here.

I’ve found the whole experience of applying for the Travelling Fellowship a very valuable one. The prospect of planning a trip (up to 3 months) to study and explore a project of one’s own defining is very exciting. I’ve loved the opportunity to dream and have become excited beyond words in imagining where I might go, who I would meet and the projects and companies I might be involved with. I’ve also found it immensely encouraging in speaking to professionals and practitioners in the field. It’s not difficult for the excitement to gain momentum when discussing a project and it’s possibilities.

I’m sure positive projects will form out of this application experience alone. I also promise myself I will build on the positive contacts I have made and cement them for the future regardless of the Fellowship decision. I dare not wonder any further where being awarded the fellowship may take me!… for the time being back to the real world… but fingers x crossed!

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