A day at the V&A

To relax and find some space to think after my interview I headed straight for the Victoria and Albert Museum. I wandered straight into the Rennaisance gallery, struck with awe and wonder with my thoughts drifting to Italy…

I decided to sit down and write down how the interview went so I could move on from pondering the events of those 15 minutes and make space to take on the Centuries of history I was to be delighted by.

Pair of kneeling Angels 1450-1525, probably Andrea della Robbia.

The della Robbia family dominated the production of tin-glazed terracotta in Florence at this time, keeping their receipes secret.

If you look closely at where the glaze has come away from the figure, in the photo above, you’ll see the buff colour of the clay and perhaps a layer of engobe that might have been applied before the tin glaze to ensure the glaze fit.

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