Musings of our urban excesses

I’m thinking about the adaptation and reuse of redundant buildings, gap sites, regeneration and the big one SUSTAINABILITY….

I came accross a couple of instances of new modular living and work spaces created using transportation containers this week. Like this It’s made me pause to consider once again the masses of remnants and relics generated by our consumer culture. Can we utilise our industrial and commercial by-products and waste, can the ugly be considered beautiful and can the ephemeral become invaluable?

I’ve become interested in utilising the waste products of our age of industrial, transportation and global culture. Given the recent success of the designers’ habit of generating new  and different objects from old and recognisable things, surely reusing some of the waste from the construction industry is possible and perhaps would be popular, just in a different way to the trendy eco-pods that hit all the buzz works by using locally sourced sustainable natural materials….

There’s my rant…. just thinking outloud…

Perhaps for consideration and discussion again from various perspectives (remind me next time I have friends over for dinner!):

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