Day 4 – 1 St Petrox

St Petrox is a stunning building perched on the cliff of the mouth of the Dart. Originally a castle the defensive structure was added to as the town grew to become a church. A structure on the opposite side of the river is visible where a wire was stretched across to prevent invasions.

Stone Co were lifting a couple of stones in the floor to relay. We briefly checked on their progress. Paul has been working with this church for some time and has re-rendered the exterior which is strikingly bright, as it would have been long ago. Sand gives the lime texture and the inspirations of the 60s cement version, pebble dash, is apparent. Poultice has been applied to the stone on the exterior to draw out the salts before new finish of lime can be applied, probably a lime wash or close render that allows the shapes f the stones to show.

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